Futuristica is NOW

We are still in the process of finding a cover artist.  This image is only meant to suggest the theme of the anthology.

Metasagas Publishing is currently holding an open call for FUTURISTICA, VOLUME ONE. Futuristica is an anthology of science fiction short stories.  We are paying professional rates for science-positive, women-positive, sex-positive character-driven multicultural short stories. I am pleased to be an editor for this exciting project.  So far we have been seeing an incredible response with …

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My Alternative Lifestyle

My turn at the helm, sailing from Guadeloupe to Iles des Saintes

Since January of 2014, I have been living on a sailboat with my family, sailing around the Caribbean.  I homeschool my two sons.  You would think with no day job, no morning commute to an office, and no requirement to wear pants ever, I would have more time to write and thus would have produced …

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The Department Of Cautionary Tales

My ideas never seem evil until everybody is screaming and the SWAT team shows up.    It’s rough being a mad scientist.  You make one tiny little mistake, like covering all of Houston in fungus, and they cart you off to a top-secret military prison laboratory.  I’m Juniper Strauss and I’m stuck on the juvenile …

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Why I write

So, I don’t know why other people write.  I know we should be watching TV or playing video games like normal people.  For me, it’s a slightly embarrassing compulsive problem that keeps me from going insane and is cheaper than Prozac.  I try to stop, but somehow I don’t. It’s not like those Biochemistry and …

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I made this 8 minute zombie movie for a film class I was taking and posted it on Youtube.  It is pretty funny, though that is mostly due to all the friends I bribed to be in it.  It was aired at SXSW 2013 by the Austin School of Film.    

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Sometimes Pirates

My family put up with me and my crazy hobbies again this weekend and helped me make a short.  I wanted to play around with my GoPro Hero2 mini-camcorder and the Final Cut Pro X editing software and the whole uploading to Youtube shebang.  Don’t watch it full screen.  Uploading to Youtube kills the video …

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Awww, he called me a space cowgirl.

J.M. McDermott and I did a bit of an email back and forth.  In addition to being a great writer with a very approachable style, he is a fun guy to hang out with in person. Oh, and I will be at Worldcon in Chicago next weekend.  I am on a few panels and doing …

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My Guy Got Me This Shirt

  Of course, the two-fold irony is that: The only reason anyone would gaze upon the splendor of my C-cups is if I was wearing a funny shirt. My sci-fi books are so obscure even hipsters haven’t read them. I’m still gonna wear the shirt, though.

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Sneak Preview

In honor of the release of Spin the Sky, I am going to let you all have a look at the last page of the book right here right now! (I meant to do this last week to celebrate the release, but I am easily distracted and I live surrounded by lots of shiny objects …

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The Second Coming of Bilge Pump Betty

So, I am the proud new owner of a sailboat-shaped thing I have been calling Bilge Pump Betty.  I did not pay money for Betty.  She was a gift from my Dad.  My Dad is a retired engineer who spent his working life at nuclear power plants.  His hobby for the past couple of decades …

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